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INDUSTRY is divided into four progressive tracks – Ideation, Design, Development and Growth, allowing every attendee to enjoy every session.

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Wednesday 7:00PM, September 13th @ Drury Hotel, Downtown Cleveland

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Get a chance to register early and connect with attendees coming from across the world for INDUSTRY. We’ll be kicking things off with some drinks in the Drury Hotel, the official INDUSTRY hotel.

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Drury Hotel
1380 E 6th St, Cleveland,
OH 44114


Breakfast available for all attendees.


Fireside Chat

Jason Fried | Co-Founder & CEO, Basecamp | Chicago, IL More >>

The Heuristic Tools of a Product Manager

Ty Ahmad-Taylor | VP of Product Marketing, Facebook | San Francisco, CA More >>

While we all use heuristic tools in our day-to-day life and work, this is a primer on how to hone them in product development. We will also explore the different tools brought to bear in software, consumer hardware and services.


Talk Shop

Sit for an intimate conversation with speakers and discuss challenges you are facing.

The Build Trap

Melissa Perri | CEO of Produx Labs & Product Institute | New York, NY More >>

Are you building what your customers want, or are you just building? When successful companies first started out, they had to constantly deliver value to understand what their users wanted. This grew their business. Many large companies that have been around for decades, or even newer startups that have found some stability, fall into a dangerous place called “The Build Trap”. They continue building feature after feature, without stopping to validate it’s what customer truly want and need. This is due in part to poor understanding of Product Strategy, Product Management, and how to manage teams. In order to get out of “The Build Trap”, businesses need to restructure their thinking to focus on finding value for the user through experimentation to achieve business goals.

Storytelling for Product People

Josh Anon | Director of Product Management, Magic Leap | Dania Beach, FL More >>

For thousands of years, humans have communicated with story, not PowerPoint. Our brains are wired to think in stories, and being able to tell a great story if one of the few guaranteed ways to become a better PM. Whether you’re writing a PRD or marketing your product, story lets you understand the customer and persuade key stakeholders. In this talk, you’ll learn why story matters, how to craft great stories, and how to use stories to make yourself a better PM.


Delicious lunch served to all.


A Playbook for Achieving Product-Market-Fit

Dan Olsen | PM Consultant & Author, The Lean Product Playbook | Menlo Park, CA More >>

Everyone working on a product is trying to achieve the same goal: product-market fit. But most products fail to do so. In this session, product management expert Dan Olsen will share advice from his book The Lean Product Playbook, which describes a simple but effective framework for achieving product-market fit. He will explain his Lean Product Process, a 6-step methodology that guides you through how to:
1. Determine your target customer. 2. Identify underserved customer needs. 3. Define your value proposition. 4. Specify your MVP feature set. 5. Create your MVP prototype. 6. Test your MVP with customers.


Bob Moesta | President & CEO of the Re-Wired Group | Detroit, MI More >>


Talk Shop

Sit for an intimate conversation with speakers and discuss challenges you are facing.

Screen Shot 2017-05-01 at 3.16.31 PMThe Secret of Designing For Innovation (and why most companies accidentally prevent it from happening)

Blade Kotelly | Leader of Strategic Experience, Sonos | Boston, MA

Most companies want to be innovative, want to service their customers in better ways and leverage technologies the right way… so why is it so hard to do? (TWO REASONS) Do good managers accidentally get in the way of break through design? (ALL THE TIME) Can you implement a specific process that enables innovation? (YES) Can you avoid the pitfalls? (YES). This speaker will share his insights about design-process and leadership that could help your teams boost their value.

Designing with customer obsession: An Amazon Music and Alexa perspective

Kintan Brahmbhatt | Director of Product Management & Engineering Program Management, Amazon Music | San Francisco, CA More >>

This talk focuses on the role of customer obsession in designing useful, usable and delightful products. Kintan will share how his team created a natural music listening experience for Amazon Music on Alexa and Echo. He will share key listening posts and the role of friction in building products for the future. 1.

5:00PM: Happy Hour

After a challenging day, it’s time to kick back with a drink and some tasty hor d’oeuvres with fellow attendees. You won’t have to go far, the Happy Hour will be at the Public Auditorium in the Product Village.

8:00PM: INDUSTRY Party

Let your hair down and party with 100s of other product people from around the world.

Join us for a drink at the Hofbräuhaus!

Hofbräuhaus Cleveland
550 Chester Ave.,
Cleveland, OH 44115


Breakfast available for all attendees.


The Role of Evangelism

Nancy Kramer | Founder and Chairman, Resource/Ammirati; Chief Evangelist, IBM iX | Columbus, OH More >>

Part inspiration, part application, this thought-provoking talk will focus on the primarily unspoken, yet incredibly important dimension of evangelism in product innovation, product development and entrepreneurship.

The Speed vs. Quality Dilemna

Sam Goertler | Senior Product Manager, Kickstarter | New York, NY More >>

It’s often assumed that increasing engineering velocity means sacrificing product, design, or code quality. While this strategy may work in the short term, most end up paying the price eventually. Join me to discuss alternative views on the speed vs. quality dilemma and learn ways to strike the right balance between the two.


Talk Shop

Sit for an intimate conversation with speakers and discuss challenges you are facing.

A Product Manager’s Superpower: User Science

Brian Smith | VP Marketing, UserTesting | San Francisco, CA

Brent Tworetzky | EVP, Product, XO Group | New York, NY More >>

User science has been the difference between product failure and a massive user hit. In today’s highly competitive market with growing customer expectations, organizations are racing to understand their users’ behavior and attitudes so they can meet their needs and earn their business. In turn, savvy product teams are shifting from occasional exploratory research and toward getting user insights earlier and more frequently throughout development. Successful product managers are helping teams build winning products by combining insights across multiple test types – cycling between qualitative and quantitative methods to iterate on and improve the product to better solve the user need. In this presentation, Executive Vice President of Product at XO Group (brands: The Knot, The Nest, The Bump) Brent Tworetzky, with co-presenter VP of Marketing Brian Smith, will walk you through a simple system that brings User Science to life for you and your team.

Fireside Chat

Megan Quinn | General Partner, Spark Capital San Francisco, CA More >>


Delicious lunch served to all.


Growth for a 100M user product

Thabet AlfishawiProduct Manager, Growth, YouTube/Google | San Francisco, CA More >>

Growth is one of the most important things for a startup to get right. If you have an amazing product that no one knows about, does it matter? Much has been written about getting to the first 10 or 100 thousand users, but what happens when your product takes off and you have millions of users? Do you stop worrying about growth? Of course not, if anything your growth challenge becomes even harder. Come for lessons and tips about what Thabet learned starting a Growth team for YouTube.

The One Sentence You Need to Conquer Office Politics

Alison Go | Product, Facebook | New York, NY More >>

Great products are rarely built by product leaders alone. Your stakeholders will make or break your success, and yet why does it often feel like we’re at war with our most critical partners? Learn from Alison how to play well with others (sales, marketing, legal, content, retail, etc.) without compromising your product or your customers. 

How to Go From Self-Serve to Enterprise

Pete Koomen | Co-Founder & CTO, Optimizely | San Francisco, CA More >>

Seven years after launching their first product, Optimizely has grown Average Selling Price from three-figures to five-figures.  Along the way, they’ve had to change the way they marketed, sold, supported, and built their products.  Pete will share stories, insights, and lessons learned from the journey from self-serve to enterprise.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 9.22.51 PM

4:00PM: Happy Hour

Share a well-deserved drink with your fellow attendees at the Happy Hour held again in the Product Village.

7:30PM: Friday Night

Join the INDUSTRY Team as we unwind in some of our favorite spots in the E. 4th area of downtown Cleveland. Check our event app on the day for where we’ll be congregating throughout the evening.